Box diet and dietary catering. Some people praise it, others criticize it, and some even make fun of it. The box diet, because we are talking about it, has already become the subject of many articles, observations and public discussions. All because famous people from the front pages of newspapers boast about using a specific solution in the form of taking only healthy meals, provided to them by ecological restaurants and companies promoting healthy eating. The concept of the box diet has become a symbol of jokes with the so-called “High society”, but in fact there is dietary catering behind it, where many restaurants and canteens are now making good money. The fashion for healthy eating is in full swing and it is nice to say that “you use a box diet” because it makes me feel healthier “. 

Where did this term come from and what exactly does it mean? The most sophisticated pranksters always add that they did not know that boxes can be eaten so succinctly, but the truth is much more prosaic than it seems. A person who decides on this type of dietary solution simply receives on a given day, actually every day, at a specific time – a box with meals prepared by dietitians. All this is delivered to the address indicated, home or work place. It is a real convenience when someone brings us food several times a day, and we do not have to spend time standing by the pots!

Stay slim, stay healthy!

For catering dietary decide usually women, but also can not hide the fact that there are many men who want to by changing eating habits regain its form. Can specially selected food heal us? Yes of course! We are all exactly what we eat! Ladies who decided on a box diet melt in delight. Rarely do you find negative opinions, most women are satisfied not only with losing weight, but also because instead of preparing meals yourself at home, you can devote this time to something else, developing passion or meeting friends.

How do companies offering dietary catering work?

For dietary catering, especially in large cities, where people live much more actively than in the provinces, restaurants and canteens with an established standard and brand can afford. They compete in ideas for tasty and effective dishes. After all, you eat with your eyes first, so you need to make sure that the food from the box diet is not only tasty and healthy, but also aesthetically composed and presented so that you can not wait to taste it. What is most often served in dietary catering? Of course, everything that has been created in the kitchen from natural ingredients. Ladies who use box diets appreciate all salads made of fresh vegetables, as well as combinations of fruits. Lean soups and fish dishes are popular. The box diet does not avoid the use of poultry meat.

Set hours and strict compliance with the diet

The task of catering companies is to provide people participating in the health program with tailored meals at a specified time. Responsible for dietary catering they must therefore make sure that they knock on the door at a fixed and fixed time so that they can eat a meal that is still fresh and warm. Most often you can expect three visits a day – breakfast in the morning, lunch around noon, and dinner in the early evening. The box diet brings the required results only when we do not eat anything between meals. So you have to give up all chocolates, crisps and cookies for the duration of the weight loss program, it will be good to give up alcohol for this time. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during the day. Already after two weeks of using dietary catering, we will notice that we feel lighter, as if wings suddenly sprouted on our legs.

The menu is healthy and rich

Many women are delighted with dietary catering not only because of its effectiveness. There are many more reasons for euphoria. Many customers of catering companies admit with emotions that the discovery of the box diet made the times of childhood and youth revive, when there was not as much processed and harmful food on the market as today and when we all prepared our own food from what was under hand. And these were real, food treasures – mainly garden vegetables without sprinkling, groats, fruit, pickles, dried specialties, fish, home-grown meat. Dietary catering for many users has been a return to childhood, when we were getting to know the first flavors based on dishes prepared by our grandmothers. Lots of greens, good caloric combinations, a lot of various spices, matched,