Building a Canadian house – fast, cheap, comfortable. Canadian houses have been very popular for some time. What do we find in them that will win the hearts of millions of Poles who dream of their first homes? As usual in these cases, there are many factors. First of all, building Canadian houses from scratch is a 100% ecological undertaking, plus low investment costs. In practice, they are much lower than in the case of brick houses. 

We save many months of work here, because there is no need to dig foundations for brick buildings. It turns out that the basement in the house is no longer as necessary as it might have been before. As the name suggests, houses came to us from the other hemisphere, from across the ocean. Initially, Scandinavia started to promote them in Europe, then it was time for Germany, the Netherlands, France, until finally houses of this kind settled in with us. How does it look in practice? Statistics and research observations may make some feel surprised.

Escape from the housing estate

Modern Canadian houses in szczecin They are primarily a cheap and reliable method to finally experience the comfort of living in spacious and warm interiors after many years of living in narrow blocks. A characteristic feature of Canadian houses is, above all, that only environmentally safe materials are used to create them, i.e. wood, its derivatives and entire groups of ecological materials responsible for thermal insulation of buildings.

Classic Canadian houses are usually low, but at the special request of investors, a given construction company can make a one or several-story house. Canadian houses can be arranged and designed in a variety of styles. As many ideas as there are tastes in society. There is no one right method for arranging this type of houses from the outside and inside. When observing the styles of Canadian houses in different countries, one can get the impression that a particular country is dominated by a specific style that differs from another one. That’s great, at least you can see some variation on the map of urban and rural landscapes.

Cheap, fast and convenient!

To get to the bottom of it, why are so many families choosing to own Canadian homes? The answers will multiply again. Why should we take out a bank loan for several tens of thousands of zlotys for a cramped apartment in an old building, when for about 50,000 zlotys we will be able to build a modest but very comfortable Canadian house made of wood and ecological materials? Answer your own question. It is not always necessary to follow the general path and in order to impress your family and friends with four angles, choose the first poor-quality residential solution on the shore, and then regret it. Canadian houses are high-quality investments, worth their price and all sacrifices. Only a few months will pass from the moment you contact the selected construction company to the moment of crossing the threshold of a new home. We will not achieve such a result in the case of tedious construction of a brick house.

Canadian house locations

Before Canadian houses are erected on stable ground, it is necessary to consider buying a plot of land on which this type of building will be built. Due to their ecological nature, Canadian housesThey look best against the beauty of our national nature. Although we also understand solutions in the form of entire estates composed of such houses. The climate, however, is achieved when such a house is located a bit off the beaten track, away from the crowds of civilization and the noise coming from the neighbors’ courtyards. So you can build a house in the middle of the forest. It is an ideal proposition for all loners and people who want to temporarily or permanently disconnect from the city. Fans of walks along the seashore will surely be delighted if this type of house can be built almost next to a picturesque beach. And even the view from the cottage window to the sea would be the optimal attraction for all romantics.

The first home

Canadian houses that are easy to maintainIt is recommended, inter alia, to young married couples who want to escape from the specter of living together with their in-laws. More and more often, Canadian houses are also chosen by singles and the elderly. There is also nothing to prevent, for example, two families living in an elegantly designed Canadian house. Such houses are built on the basis of classic “twins”. So each half can live in one family. This is great if children want their parents close together or if a group of friends would like to live in one place. When it comes to heating Canadian houses, they do not require as much fuel as brick houses. All because the thermal insulation materials used effectively protect the interior of the houses against the cold to such an extent that, compared to brick and non-insulated houses,