The youth of the skin can be extended by taking care of its proper condition. Aesthetic medicine clinics are outdoing offers of treatments that are designed to thicken, revitalize and firm the skin. One of the most popular and most effective treatments is facial resurfacing, i.e. laser rejuvenation. What is this about? Is the procedure painful? How to care for the face after the procedure?

Lasers in aesthetic medicine

All age-related changes that we observe are associated with the formation of discoloration, melasma, wrinkles, furrows, loss of skin elasticity and its changing color. Laser therapy allows for comprehensive skin reconstruction at many levels That is why it is such a valued tool in the fight against the passing of time. Depending on the intensity of the procedure, the specialist can improve our face oval, close enlarged pores, remove unwanted blood vessels and smooth the skin.


What face laser

One of the most popular lasers used in Polish offices is the eCO2 fractional laser. What is the procedure? The laser beam creates a mesh of microdamages (small punctures) in the skin, which causes inflammation forcing the body to start rebuilding processes. Such controlled mini-damages cause an intensive production of collagen and elastin – proteins naturally occurring in the skin, acting on the skin as a scaffolding and responsible for its firmness. At a young age, these proteins are naturally produced, but at a certain age we should help the body produce them.

When to do the laser treatment

Due to controlled damage, the skin after laser treatment is less resistant to UV rays. They can result in the appearance of unsightly discoloration and sunburn. Aesthetic medicine procedures are most often performed during the least sunshine: from September to April, and immediately after the procedure, the skin should be protected with a cream with a high UV filter. If we want to get really spectacular effects, the doctor will suggest several treatments at intervals of several weeks. Patients who, for various reasons, have to undergo the procedure during more sunshine should avoid sun exposure for several weeks after the procedure.

Is the laser procedure painful?

Most patients who opt for laser skin rejuvenation are afraid of pain during the procedure. Fears are in many cases unreasonable: before performing the procedure, the face is lubricated with anesthetic ointment, which minimizes the unpleasant sensations associated with the operation of the laser beam. In the case of a very extensive procedure or the use of high parameters (most often when removing scars), you may feel uncomfortably high temperature at the laser site After the procedure, you will receive a cold compress from your doctor, which will cool the skin and reduce pain.