Wall murals for churches and chapels. Sacred objects, like any other architectural objects, need an appropriate setting so that people staying in them feel light and comfortable while using their purpose in the full sense of the word. Although today we live in a time when churches and chapels invest rather in brick surfaces and painted in uniform colors, you can still find characteristic wallpapers in many places., with rich ornaments and patterns reminiscent of biblical themes. Such wallpapers can also be found in many places offering elements of equipment for chapels and churches. 

They are extremely elegant, with the influence of Jewish and Old Polish art. They are surely a huge embellishment of smooth surfaces of walls and pillars in churches of various denominations. They can function both as matte wallpapers with a slightly sandy texture or wallpapers with slightly more enriched elements, gilding, decorations, with a refined character. Installing wallpaper in churches and chapels does not differ much from installing wallpaper in a typical apartment building.

Painted wallpaper in the church

It is not necessary to explain to anyone how great influence the paintings of great artists had on the development of sacred architecture. The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican itself is one great painting. Paintable wallpapers have been created especially for the contemporary, creative activities of visual artists to enhance the appearance of Polish churches with their work . These are extremely smooth, transparent surfaces, somewhat reminiscent of canvas. You can paint anything on them, including the images of saints. These wallpapers are extremely resistant to moisture, and this phenomenon is quite common in religious buildings. Wallpaper that will enlarge the room may also be worth paying attention tointended for the sacristy. This place is usually cramped, where the priest and altar boys prepare for the mass. An interesting solution can be a wall mural covering the entire surface of the main wall of the sacristy, presenting the legendary painting of the “Last Supper”. This is a very meaningful and the most accurate visual solution.

Prices for wallpaper intended for the church

They can be different. Creative wallpaper that can be painted can find its place near the naves or aisles. It will certainly also beautify the walls next to which confessionals have been placed. For what kind of wallpaper is elected to the church, usually the parish priest with managing assistants has an influence. Wallpapers with rich religious ornaments definitely win among the proposals. In second place, there are also wall murals depicting human figures, heroes of biblical parables, saints, everyone we remember when celebrating all kinds of holidays. An interesting and quite innovative method of decorating church walls can be the use of wall murals presenting the Way of the Cross. The abandonment of traditional, hanging paintings in favor of extensive wall murals certainly creates more space on the walls. The interior also takes a breath and is not overwhelmed by an excess of visual elements, which is important for your well-being during the mass.

Work with wallpaper in the church

It requires great precision and accuracy from all people who will undertake this task. Especially when it comes to wallpapers placed at a high height, you need to be patient and take all precautions so that nothing bad happens to anyone. Laying wallpapers what glue choose? There are many solutions available, because there are an infinite number of adhesives from all manufacturers on the market. Some are more famous, others a little less. Wallpaper adhesives composed on a strong water base will work best when working on sacred objects. You can also use wallpaper with resin glue with a clear conscience. Not only does it have a very high binding power, but also gives a characteristic smell, very similar to that emitted by church incense during services. The glue on the bottom layer of the wallpaper is well applied with a wide, soft brush, preferably on a long handle, so that you do not have to bend over when spreading.

What do chapels gain from wallpaper?

They certainly become cozier, warmer. A little more color appears in interiors. A properly decorated church certainly encourages prayer much better than a church in gray, gloomy Baroque aesthetics and with sad pictures. The more light and color there is in a church, the more faithful will visit it. In terms of developing the aesthetics of churches, Poles could learn a lot from Protestant and Baptist churches. There you can see the detailed attention to detail, which we often lack. Surely God is more pleased with churches built on joy than on sorrow. And color is joy!