Sardinia is one of the most frequently chosen destinations by Polish tourists. The Italian sunny island is very popular among our countrymen, some praise it for its beautiful beaches and blue water, while others are delighted with its regional cuisine with a typical Mediterranean climate. Today we will focus on culinary travels, because some places in the world are worth visiting, if only for the sake of taste. Do you want to know what specialties you should try while on vacation in Sardinia ? You will find the answer below.

Who is culinary travel for?

Holidaymakers and holidaymakers can be divided into three groups. The first of them are people who prefer the traditional way of rest and spending their free time, that is, like long hours lounging on the beach in seaside resorts. The second group of tourists are active tourists who have the best rest by visiting interesting places, and there are plenty of them in Sardinia. The third group are culinary travelers who bring souvenirs in the form of new flavors and recipes from their 2019 Sardinia vacation .

Culinary journeys have a very tasty character, as is used to say “what country is custom”, each country, city and region has a different tradition and culture. The same is true in Sardinia, although this Italian island is not one of the largest to be proud of, those who come to the capital of Cagliari are delighted with the local cuisine, which is a combination of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Are you wondering where this connection comes from? Well, the location of the island has a big influence on it, as you know, Sardinia is located in the Mediterranean Sea and together with several smaller islands surrounding it, it belongs to Italy.

If you love cooking, you are interested in cuisines from all over the world and you are not afraid of distant travels, choosing this destination for this year’s vacation will be a bull’s eye. In Sardinia, fans of both Greek and Italian climates will like it, so what should you be tempted to do by visiting one of the local pubs? We will tell about it in a moment.

What is worth trying while on vacation in Sardinia?

Admiring the surrounding buildings and monuments in Sardinia, you cannot pass by the market filled with fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, seafood and other regional specialties. So what is worth trying? Literally whatever you want! Sardinia is famous for its best white wines and hard, slow-maturing cheese made of sheep’s milk. The tastiest products can be found at local sellers and hosts who produce and then sell their products.

In addition to cheese and wine, you will also get the original bitter honey (so-called corbezzolo), which tastes like coffee with a chocolate aroma – sounds delicious, right? A jar of such a specialty will be a great souvenir for you and your loved ones.

There is one rule in Sardinia – be sure to try before you buy. It is the result of courtesy of the local people who welcome tourists with open arms.

While strolling the streets of the old town, let yourself be tempted by homemade ice cream made from only natural ingredients. In Sardinia, this dessert can be eaten practically all year round, ice cream made of myrtle, i.e. berries with a specific spicy flavor, is very popular among tourists.

Being at lunch in a restaurant, instead of pizza or pasta, ask the staff to recommend you a regional dish such as fresh seafood, bottarga – dried mullet roe, which is an excellent and healthy snack, or traditional wheat bread – pane carasau. It has an original appearance and a sweet aftertaste, perfect in combination with olive oil.

Is holidays in Sardinia 2019 expensive?

Holidays in Sardinia, depending on whether they will be organized by a travel agency or independently, will involve an expense of PLN 1500-1800 per person, this is the estimated amount of a week’s stay on this Italian island. Traveling alone, you will not only save some money, but also see much more. Holidays with a travel agency or other travel agency are mostly of a recreational nature – customers check in at the Sardynia hotel upon arrivaland spend the entire stay practically by the water. This solution will undoubtedly be liked by tourists belonging to the first group, which we mentioned above. For seekers of new flavors and culinary inspiration, we recommend planning your holidays yourself, then you will visit the places that interest you the most!

Sardinia is an extremely interesting Italian island that is worth visiting for several reasons. On the island you will find many attractions in Sardinia . One of them is the local cuisine – apparently obvious and simple but surprising with its taste and aroma. The dishes are based on fresh ingredients, the taste is distinctive and typical of Mediterranean cuisine. If so far you have been wondering if Sardinia is a good place to discover new flavors, we hope that after reading this article, you will be able to make the final decision easily and you will spend your next vacation in this beautiful place!