Podiatrist – a godsend for feet. In recent years, podiatry has been gaining popularity, and new salons have been popping up like mushrooms after rain. In the past, we rarely took care of our feet, we hid them in our shoes and after the problem. Today, especially in the high season, well-groomed feet become our showpiece. Nobody likes to show cracked heels, overgrown cuticles or twisted toes. That is why we are more and more willing to visit podiatry offices.


Podiatry – medical department

Podiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with foot problems. First of all, these are ingrown toenails, bunions, sparse toes, deep cracks on the heels, mycoses or other bacteria. Podiatry deals with everything that causes pain and discomfort on our feet. If walking hurts us and it is difficult for us to choose the right footwear, be sure to go to a podiatrist in Warsaw . Warsaw is a city where we can find many specialists. Of course, in the podiatry clinic they will not only deal with medical problems of our feet, but also take care of their cosmetics.

In Poland, podiatry is a developing field. The good reception of the new offices means that we can observe its rapid development. In many European countries, there are courses at universities that educate specialists. In Portugal, for example, such a course has been around for fifteen years, and graduates are even qualified to perform minor surgical procedures. In Poland, podiatrists study specializations during cosmetology studies, post-secondary schools or specialist courses. Perhaps, in a few years, dedicated directions will also be created.

A rescue for our feet

Many people in our country struggle with foot problems and with their enormous pain. Bunions or sparrow fingers are not only unsightly but also cause great discomfort and sometimes also great pain. Women are not allowed to wear high-heeled shoes or shoes with narrow ankles. Over time, they get used to this condition and the feet deform further. Better to react immediately. The podiatrist can immediately introduce treatment that will relieve our pain, stop the deformation process and undo the changes in the further process.

Feet bear our burden throughout our lives, so it is worth spending some time on them. Let’s not postpone it for later, because the effects of neglect may be irreversible. Often it is not only about aesthetics, bunions look ugly, but most of all they are painful and over the years can severely deform the feet. Some people are unable to walk very long because of the great pain. Is it worth bringing yourself to this state? It is definitely better to go to a podiatrist in Warsaw.

Podiatry offices

On every street or housing estate we will find podiatry offices, so there is no problem with the availability of the service. However, you need to check the salon well, whether it will be able to meet our requirements. Especially in the case of serious illnesses, read the opinions and ask among friends. If we are determined to visit a podiatrist in Warsaw, we will certainly have a guarantee that a specialist will take care of us.

We do not have to prepare ourselves for the visit to the salon. Just reserve an hour for relaxing treatments. Because although we often go to the salon with painful problems, the treatments themselves are not unpleasant. In addition, the visit will be made more pleasant by a massage or the possibility of an effective pedicure.

Podiatry offices resemble beauty salons, but with more specialized equipment. They often do not occupy too large areas because comfortable armchairs or soft pouffes are enough to ensure comfort during treatments. Many creams contain essential oils that, in addition to their strong healing effects, will stimulate our senses.

The beauty of our feet

Many people visit a podiatrist without any major problems with their feet. They care about the beautiful appearance of their feet and take care of them prophylactically. In the podiatry office, specialists will take care of the correct removal of calloused epidermis and proper care of cracked heels. Often, too intensive use of the file causes the skin to peel off and wounds to form. That is why it is worth trusting specialists.


Podiatrists use high-quality equipment to restore beauty to our feet. For this, creams with a high content of active ingredients are used, which will perfectly nourish the skin and soften the epidermis. Each foot care cannot be completed without a pedicure. Ladies, especially in the summer season, decide to apply decorative varnishes so that the feet look beautiful in sandals or flip-flops. Customers decide on strong tones that emphasize summer stylizations. Pedicure is not only beauty, but also great comfort. For several weeks, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of our feet. All you need is a moisturizing cream and we’re ready to go. Not only ladies, but also gentlemen decide on a pedicure. They also wear open shoes and want to look good. Most often, such a pedicure is finished with a colorless varnish,