Why should we get a divorce lawyer? Many people wonder if they need a divorce lawyer at all? We hesitate to try to arrange everything ourselves. In fact, the decision itself is entirely up to us. So it is worth finding out why a divorce lawyer will be a good choice for us?

Quick divorce proceedings

We know from experience that the spouses who file for divorce, they would like it to end as soon as possible. We assume that a new stage is taking place and that it would be best to close the old matters once and for all. The dissolution of the marriage certificate is like a starting point that must occur sooner or later. A divorce lawyer will never arrange an earlier hearing. This is not his role. However, an attorney is perfectly able to file a good divorce petition that will under no circumstances be affected by any formal deficiencies. Thanks to this, the Court does not need to summon the party to supplement the deficiencies.

In fact, such summons, unfortunately, very often happen when we write our own statement of claim. A possible request to supplement the deficiencies leads to an exchange of further correspondence between the party and the Court, and this may extend the case by several weeks. Moreover, when the statement of claim is precisely written, the Court will certainly be happy to schedule a hearing as soon as possible. However, when the claim is not fully clear, the Court will not rush to hear the case, because it will require much more attention.

Presence of a party at the hearing itself

When we appoint an attorney in a divorce case, we will only have to appear in court once. The point is to be able to interview us. The rest can be handled by an attorney who, instead of us, can appear at court hearings, submit motions or interview witnesses. The mere participation of a party in a divorce case can prove very useful. After all, it is the parties who know best what their marital life was like. However, meeting your former partner in court can certainly prove to be very stressful and also very unpleasant. Therefore, if we only want to, we can overwhelmingly avoid it by entrusting the case to the attorney.

Real professionalism

We must also be aware that a divorce case may have far-reaching consequences. Sometimes we are dealing with a maintenance obligation, and it is for our whole life. We must not underestimate this process under any circumstances. It is worthwhile for our business to be supervised by an experienced and good divorce lawyer. Especially when we have any suspicions that the other party will be happy to use the help of a professional representative. It is worth at least to ensure the same balance of power. Divorce lawyer knows perfectly well what process instruments can be used to best meet our needs. This is important because it cannot be denied that court trials are becoming more and more formalized.

What’s more, you can easily lose when you are right. In order to prevent such a situation, it is worth ordering the case to a divorce lawyer, who will make sure that all applications are submitted in the right form and at the right time. It is worth quoting here the principle of the evidence-based exclusion. It stipulates that all evidence should be submitted by the parties in the first pleading. Many people do not know it completely, which is why they risk losing themselves from the very beginning. In the case of alimony, the divorce lawyer can prove the actual financial situation as well as the financial situation of the party. For this also make sure that the maintenance itself is paid during the trial.

A psychic burden

Proceedings for divorce it carries a lot of emotions. Only the court and the opponent will be present in the courtroom. However, despite the stress, we must keep a healthy head and defend our claims. The court must be one hundred percent impartial. Don’t count on him to help us. The opponent, in turn, will make it difficult for us. I think that in this situation it is worth having someone next to you who will give us the support we need. It is not only about legal support, but also mental support, and it will also increase the sense of security. It is also important to cooperate with a divorce lawyer during meetings in the office immediately before the hearings.

It is very important to tell the attorney everything that may be of great importance in the case, and to get rid of everything that is at heart. A divorce lawyer should show understanding as well as empathy. His role is not to judge us, but to really help with family matters. The psychological support for the website is really important. Nobody has any doubts about that. We should bear in mind that everything in such important matters matters.