Poles are very eager to spend their free time in the mountains. They often climb smaller or larger hills with whole families. It is an excellent active rest and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. The lack of fitness does not deprive us of the possibility of hiking in the mountains. There are many low lanes in our country that allow you to overcome routes with slight elevations. So that everyone can handle this route.

Proper preparation in advance

Each of us has probably seen photos or videos showing the outfits and shoes in which tourists can go to the mountains. Pictures with a woman climbing Śnieżka in flip-flops are not rare. It is very easy to break or twist the ankle this way. We must remember that what is suitable for a walk around Krupówki is not necessarily a good idea when going to the mountains. The weather in the higher elevations changes drastically and the pleasant temperature can easily turn to minus. That is why it is worth preparing very well for a trip to the mountains. First of all, we must take care of appropriate clothing.

Thermoactive underwear is the best solution. It keeps us warm in the cold, at the same time when the temperature rises or when we simply get tired of the trip, it will not make us sweat excessively. It has excellent thermoregulation and air circulation, which makes our skin breathe. In the mountains it is best to wear layers. When we go out in the morning it is usually cold and during the day the temperature rises significantly. It is also worth taking functional clothing with you, which, if necessary, will protect us from wind and rain. And the most important shoes, preferably typical mountain shoes, intended for this type of activity. In the lower mountains, trekking shoes will also work well, the most important thing is that they should reach above the ankle, which will protect us from injuries.

When it comes to buying clothes and shoes, it’s best to do so in good sports stores. The same goes for thermoactive underwear. If we buy some cheaper substitutes, they will not fulfill their basic function.

What should we take to the mountains?

When going to the mountains for the day, we should prepare ourselves well, especially if we are taking our children with us. We need to have extra clothes as well as water and food for the whole day. It is worth planning breaks with children in shelters, which will allow for moments of rest, but also give the opportunity to eat a warm meal. It is necessary to hide thermal underwear in the backpack , which will be useful in case of bad weather. Then our kids will not get cold quickly. For this, we will certainly need a large supply of water and food. Sandwiches as well as sweet snacks that will give us energy are great. It is best to choose those with a high content of chocolate and dried fruit.

Nothing prevents you from taking your sausages for a bonfire in the mountains. In many places, we will find specially designated places that will allow us to organize a camping. For children it will be an additional attraction and will allow us to catch our breath and rest. During such a bonfire, we can bake a sausage like in the good old days, talk or sing in peace. And then go on with even greater strength. Thanks to the fact that we have thermal underwear on, we will not heat up too much by the fire and we will be able to move on without sweating.

Routes for everyone

If so far we have not had much to do with mountain tourism and we have poor physical condition, it is better not to go straight to climbing high peaks. In our country, we have many beautiful low mountains with very good infrastructure. Tourists are more and more willing to go to the Świętokrzyskie Mountains or the Sowie and Wałbrzyskie Mountains in Lower Silesia. By choosing the second option, you will not encounter heavily crowded paths, which is why it is an excellent starting point for people who value peace and quiet. The hills reach about 800-900 meters above sea level, which makes them an ideal option for family trips. Climbing the Big Owl is child’s play and even the little ones can handle it. At first you have to climb gently and then you go almost on flat ground. The whole trip takes about an hour and at the top there are wonderful views and a historic observation tower. Of course, the route can be extended by choosing paths to the next peaks.

Also worth discovering are the Wałbrzych Mountains, which are even less visited by tourists. And the approach to Chełmiec or Borowa can be very difficult, because for a large part of the route you go steep uphill. The first peak is called the “Wałbrzych giewont” because of the cross installed on the top. The routes are very well marked and varied, many of them also allow you to cycle to the top by bike. Although the mentioned mountains are quite low, even on their trails you have to be careful. It’s also better to wear functional clothes, mountain boots and thermal underwear, even here the weather changes very quickly and we may be surprised by rain or snow.