The beginning of the adventure with horse riding. What riding equipment to buy? Your first horse riding lesson behind you? For some it is a sport, for others it is a form of spending free time, regardless of what group of horse riding enthusiasts you are in, you will need appropriate equipment and equipment. Recently we wrote about jockey equipment, today we will focus on horse equipment, we will tell you what to invest in and why. More information on this can be found below.

Accessories for a horse – what equipment is worth investing in at the very beginning and why?

Have you decided to take up horse riding professionally? Do you dream about looking like a professional jockey? A large number of beginner riders pay a lot of attention to themselves and their appearance. Proper equipment is a guarantee of a safe ride, but apart from accessories for a jockey, it is also worth taking care of the appropriate equipment for the horse. When attending horse riding lessons, each student usually receives a fully equipped horse for riding lessons. When you get into practice and horse riding turns into a great passion and love, you can and should invest in equipment for the horse. Why? There are many answers to this question, first of all, having your own equipment that will be properly adapted to you and the animal, the ride will be safe and comfortable. Another factor is purely hygienic considerations, as you know, there are many students and few horses.

Riders shop

Do you want to know what equipment for a horse you can find in stores for riders? As a standard, we will start with the most important things that you should buy at the very beginning of your horse riding adventure. One of the basic accessories for a horse is, of course, a saddle. This element, although dedicated to animals, is to contribute to the improvement of the convenience and comfort of a jockey. In the stores for riders you will find different types and models of saddles, each of them is properly adapted to the riding technique. If you are a beginner, ask the seller for a practical universal saddle that will work well in training all popular riding techniques.

Buying your own saddle is associated with a large expense, but the more expensive the equipment, the higher its quality.Before a saddle appears on the horse’s back, a sweatband, commonly known as a rug, should be placed under it. The sweatband is a kind of linen material that protects the animal against abrasions and mechanical injuries that may occur while driving. The material from which the sweatband is made, as the name suggests, effectively absorbs excess moisture and sweat. The rug, just like the saddle, is available for sale in several types suitable for the riding technique being practiced.

The saddle should also be properly attached to the horse’s back, you can do it with a special belt called a girth. A well-secured saddle is a guarantee of a safe ride, so remember to check the technical condition of the equipment every time you climb onto your horse. Are you wondering how to facilitate communication with your pet? The bridle will make this task easier for you, there are professional belts that are put directly on the horse’s head and to which the reins are attached. The bridle is commonly known as a bridle or a bridle, available in stores in several types, the main task of the bridle is to improve communication-contacts between the jockey and the horse.

Stationary store or online store?

When it comes to stores for riders, in Poland you will find both stationary and online. We encourage people who do not fully know what their companion needs to go to a stationary store. Talking to professional staff will certainly help you make the right choice. In a situation where you have been riding horses for a few months and you know exactly what equipment will be suitable for your horse, there is nothing to prevent you from taking advantage of the offer of one of the many online stores for riders.

A virtual visit to such a store has several advantages. The most important of them are attractive prices, discounts for regular customers and a wide range of products. In addition, online shopping is convenient, because you can make them at home and the purchased goods will be delivered to you by a courier company within a few days. Visit one of these stores and you will find out what we are talking about, a significant number of people dealing with horse riding buy their supplies in online stores.

To sum up, if you want to be a professional, you have to take care not only of yourself but also of the horse you are learning to ride. This will positively affect both the comfort and safety of driving. Horse riding equipment is associated with a large expense, but unfortunately it is one of the types of expensive passion. Keep in mind, however, that this investment will certainly pay off. Most of the items and accessories are made of high-quality durable materials, so they will serve you for many years.