How to choose bed linen for the hotel? The guest is staying at the hotel for a while, for one or several nights, and requires first-class hotel service. I want to feel at home in the hotel. The hotel is a place that has a good night’s sleep and other attractions. For a restful, healthy sleep, you need not only a comfortable bed, but also linens that provide comfort and a sense of luxury. Bed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases have direct contact with the skin, so they must be made of a material that is gentle on the body and breathable. Hotel bedding has to meet much higher quality requirements than home bedding sets.

Durability and aesthetics

Hotel bedding is a product for special tasks – it must remain fresh for a long time after washing, look impeccable and be resistant to frequent washing with disinfectants. The market offers bedding for hotels and guesthouses that meet the needs of hoteliers and their guests. Special hotel bedding it is durable, resistant to intensive use and frequent washing, and at the same time delights guests with a beautiful, stylish look. Achieving a spectacular effect in the arrangement of a bed in a hotel room is possible only when the size of the pillowcases is compatible with the size of the duvets and pillows.

It is worth betting on neutral colors of bedding: white, which is the most frequently chosen one, or beige, cream, gray, because they match any decor. The purchase of the entire range of bedding in one company guarantees that the bed linen will be the same and that each set of bedding ordered in a specific size will have the required dimensions. Hotel bedding should be good made of high-quality materials. A fabric with a weight of at least 160 g / sqm is perfect. Threads, zippers or buttons must be adequately strengthened due to intensive use and very frequent washing. Normal bedding is not recommended for hotels and guesthouses because it does not meet the durability requirements.

Bedding – complementing the decor of the room

A comfortable sleep is very important to guests. Duvets and pillows must be made of materials that ensure good air circulation and are anti-allergic. Hoteliers prefer to choose all-year duvets and sheets made of linen, satin or jersey fabrics. The bed is equipped with attractive bedding. The most frequently chosen bedding is white, smooth or satin-satin striped. White is associated with cleanliness and freshness. The uniform color makes it easier to select the elements of the bedding set in the event of the pillowcase being transferred as a souvenir or damaged. For high-quality white linen, you can use chemical bleaching agents that ensure a snow-white color and immaculate cleanliness.

The hotel linen is printed with the hotel’s logo and name. Clean, ironed, fragrant bedding has a great influence on the first impression of guests upon entering the room. Hotel bedding in subdued colors looks modest, but elegant – the customer has the impression of luxury. You have to be careful with patterned bedding in intense colors, because it does not look stylish in every interior. It happens that it does not harmonize with other elements of the decor and does not necessarily suit the customer. Hotel bedding should be universal – please as many guests as possible.

How often is the hotel linen changed?

As standard, bed linen is changed after each guest and when the customer so wishes. Frequent washing of bed linen is essential in hotel operations, so it is worth ensuring that it runs smoothly. Frequent replacement of bedding means that it is best to buy special hotel bedding, the strength parameters of which significantly exceed the functionality of home bedding. Only such bedding does not turn yellow during washing and bleaching.

Price = quality

Hoteliers know that the appearance of bedding has a great influence on how guests feel about their stay. That is why they choose high-quality hotel bedding, which will not break or tear after a few washes. It is not profitable to buy cheap bedding, which after a few washes will not be suitable for a hotel room. It is more economical to buy more expensive hotel bedding , but good quality that will look beautiful for years. Special hotel bedding has universal and always fashionable patterns. In hotels, damask, cotton satin and bamboo bedding works best. The mentioned materials are characterized by antibacterial properties, excellent air circulation, softness, delicacy to the touch and resistance to intensive use, which is necessary in the hotel industry. It is best to buy hotel bedding directly from the producers.

In the hotel industry, the most important thing is to meet the expectations of guests and make their stay in the hotel pleasant. The elegant hotel bedding makes the client feel special. Guests expect a comfortable bed and linen, under which they will not sweat and wake up due to discomfort during sleep. Therefore, for a hotel, it is worth choosing bedding made of materials that ensure good air circulation and product durability.