Personal trainer – what features must it have to use its services? Personal trainer is one of the most popular professions in recent years. All this is related to the current trends for a healthy lifestyle. An increasing number of people choose to give up unhealthy food and engage in daily physical activity. Therefore, the demand for the services of personal trainers is also growing. There are many of them in Poland. Choosing the right personal trainer is a very difficult task. How to choose a personal trainer who will help us achieve our goals? We will try to answer this question in today’s article.

Personal trainer – how to choose one?

The main issue that you should be aware of at the very beginning is the fact that finding a good personal trainer is not easy nowadays. In the last few years, many “self-proclaimed” trainers who can only boast of working with their own person have started to operate. When they need to help their clients, it’s not that easy for them. What is the reason for the phenomenon of “self-appointed coaches”?

All this is conditioned by the fact that, in accordance with the currently applicable provisions of Polish law, the profession of a personal trainer
is no longer regulated. The point is that according to the Act on Sports passed on June 25, 2010 and the Act regulating the performance of certain professions of June 13, 2013, the profession of personal trainer does not formally exist. People who obtained this title before the introduction of these changes, of course, can still boast about it to their clients, but according to the currently applicable provisions of Polish law, these professions have no legal value. Having such a title does not give you any additional rights. That is why at the moment everyone can become a self-proclaimed personal trainer. There are many trainers who have completed only a few courses, as well as a huge number of personal trainers who graduated from AWF, who are hopeless personal trainers.

The best ways to find a good personal trainer

A good personal trainer – how to find one? Such questions are asked by a considerable number of people. One of the best ways to find a good personal trainer is to look for one at a local gym. While you are doing your exercises, you can see how the individual coaches are doing the training with their clients. In this way, we will be able to choose a personal trainer whose work mode we like the most.

However, it is worth remembering to watch out for home-grown trainers who can only boast impressive muscles, and in fact, they will not help us achieve the goals we set. Such people must be rejected at the very beginning, so as not to waste your time and money.

Check what skills a personal trainer has

A good personal trainer must have the right skills. The point is that he should be able to pass on the knowledge he possesses. If we have such an opportunity, it is worth talking to people who already train with a given person. Then we will learn the most important details from our point of view regarding cooperation with a specific personal trainer. It is very good when a given personal trainer has special certificates and training qualifications. In such situations, the chance that the personal trainer is good increases significantly.

Talking to the trainer is essential

An extremely important factor that should be taken into account each time is the conversation with the trainer. Thanks to this, we will be sure what personality a particular person has and whether it is worth deciding to cooperate with them. Matching our characters is one of the most important elements determining whether a given cooperation will be fruitful or on the contrary. If our goal is to find a person who better motivates us to exercise, then it is best to choose a person who is lively, open and kind towards other people.

On the other hand, if we have been training for some time and we would like to improve our results, then the best solution will be to use the services of a trainer with an analytical mind. There are many trainers on the market who can focus 100% only on the technical aspect of training, but have big problems with emotional intelligence. It manifests itself in the fact that they are very shy or react too aggressively to mistakes made by the trainee. It can be a bad decision to work with such a personal trainer.

A personal trainer is a person with whom we will spend quite a lot of time during the week, so you need to carefully consider the decision to use the services of a specific trainer. If we do not manage to reach an agreement at the very beginning, it is a sign that it is worth looking for another person to help with training. Then we will certainly achieve our goals.