Which car repair shop to choose? A car, like any other machine, needs observation from time to time. Not only because something can go wrong with it. You can visit a car repair shop purely prophylactically, if only to make sure that everything is fine. Often you may find that an apparently well-functioning car has some minor glitch that can turn into a bigger – and more expensive – problem. This does not mean, however, that you have to visit the car repair shop every week! Nevertheless, it is an important place for anyone with four wheels.

A good car repair shop is sometimes known through the first impression. We call or drive up to the place and start a conversation – if the mechanic knows what he is talking about, asked about previous repairs, was interested in the history of the car, it means that we found a professional.

There are many situations in which a car repair shop and its help will be needed. Let’s even assume a situation in which the coolant suddenly starts to heat up and we have to go home “in installments”. Several things could go wrong here, so we have to rush to the mechanic right away. Or another case: something is leaking, like the car is running, but for how long? We must then quickly turn to specialists for help and under no circumstances try to fix anything ourselves if we do not know each other. In a good workshop, they should see us quite quickly, although the best ones tend to be well loaded, because people trust them  .

How to choose the right car repair shop? First of all, you shouldn’t be influenced by what the mechanics’ private space looks like. There are people who are bothered by a mess and think it is a fixer right away – and the truth is, they can have their hands full. The most important thing is that they have an office where they draw up a report on the handover of the car. This is an additional security for us. Should a glitch arise, we always have something up our sleeve. In addition, if the car was a business car or necessary for our work, we will be able to present this document at our plant – it will definitely be useful. Secondly, a good car repair shop has professionals who will not give us the price right away, but only the price range forks. Nobody knows how much new parts can cost and what really needs to be replaced at first glance. If we immediately hear a low and seemingly tempting price, and the mechanic tells us that it will be done tomorrow, we should show a slight – but not paranoid – distrust.

On the other hand, when the proposed price is weirdly high, some caution is also advised. Thirdly and most importantly: although – as we have already mentioned – we do not care about the private space of mechanics, we need to pay attention to what the garage itself looks like. The tools must not be anywhere, they should be in specially designed boxes. You have to see if the mechanics are putting foil on the upholstery and the steering wheel. Cleaning a car from grease is not a pleasure.

What else is worth knowing? Should the repair price increase, the mechanic will always call the customer and present him in detail, which needed to be replaced. Then, when picking up the car itself, he will show him the used parts and explain what exactly broke in them. If we don’t know something, we can always ask questions. A professional will not be afraid to answer them. Worse, when we are met with silence or with the statement “we will replace a few parts and see what happens.” Then you should take your legs under the belt.


When choosing a car repair shop, it is good to follow the opinion of friends from the same city or check it on the Internet. There is a rule that a dissatisfied customer will always leave a comment, so if there are a lot of them somewhere, you have to think twice about visiting this place . It will save us some time, especially if we have to hurry. It can be really difficult without a car.

Is it better to choose an authorized or private car repair shop? How many people, so many opinions, and these are mixed. There are those who think “unofficial” mechanics will only break a car. These are usually owners of expensive cars who would be reluctant to hand them over to someone who, in their opinion, may damage them. Many people, however, believe that a good specialist will find it anywhere. An authorized car repair shop does not give us a hundred percent guarantee to repair everything, although of course this chance is greater. There is also more money to be paid. On the other hand, a trusted workshop, known to us for years, can also be quite popular, especially among those who have less cash.

We should also remember that an ideal car repair shop does not exist. It may turn out that the first repair was a flop because the faults appeared elsewhere. Do not be discouraged then, you can negotiate the price for corrections, an honest mechanic will want the customer to come back to him. The most important thing is that the workshop employees are ready for the interview and propose solutions that are best for both parties .

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