Detective office how to set up. Currently, several hundred licensed detective offices operate efficiently in our country. For example, after entering the search term Detektyw Wrocław , up to three pages filled with names of detective offices and their addresses are displayed. This profession is very interesting, but not everyone can become a detective. If you plan to open your own detective office, he should know what your job will be.

First of all, they have the right to process personal data without the consent of the data subject in the course of the investigation, but they are obliged to destroy all kinds of sensitive data immediately after the case is completed. It is worth knowing that, apart from this exception, detectives have the same rights as other citizens, so they are under no circumstances authorized to search people, or their rooms or mobile devices.

They also do not have the right to ID persons to establish their identity. Scenes of this type performed by detectives can only be found in television series. Persons practicing this profession are also subject to the obligation of secrecy with regard to their source of information, as well as the circumstances and the reason for the detective proceedings.

What are the requirements to set up a detective office ?


If you want to set up a detective office, you must meet, for example, the minimum requirements that are set for people who perform this specific profession. The first requirement when setting up a detective agency is to have a license. The license is issued after meeting a number of procedures and requirements, including:

  • having Polish citizenship
  • at least 21 years old
  • having at least secondary education
  • no criminal proceedings are pending against him
  • have the mental capacity to practice this profession
  • have an impeccable, unblemished opinion

The license is issued by the Chief of Police in the place of residence of the person applying for it. Importantly, in 2014, the obligation to pass the state examination to obtain a detective’s license was abolished. Nevertheless, this point requires a lot of time, money and energy when we want to establish a detective office .

Another requirement is to take out civil liability insurance for damages that may be caused during the detective investigation. In Poland, almost every profession covered by the license requires the purchase of this type of insurance. All this is due to the risk of large material losses that could be unrealistic to be covered by natural persons.

Moreover, a person wishing to establish a detective office may not have any debts, nor may he be punished for an intentional or even unintentional crime. As well as tax crimes. All types of detective activities are subject to the applicable regulatory requirements and must be entered in the register of detective activities by the Minister of the Interior himself.

What are the duties of a person running a detective office

A person who wants to run a detective office in our country is obliged to maintain a written form of contracts with the clients for whom he provides his services. How to also store and keep records of detectives employed in your office. Along with all necessary permits, such as a license for example. It all comes down to the possibility of presenting documentation in a quick and trouble-free manner in the event of an inspection of a given authority authorized to carry it out. In addition, licensed detectives are required to undergo periodic medical and psychological examinations every 5 years.

How to run an office without a license

Lots of detectives, also in the aforementioned Wrocław, has offices established by people who, however, do not have a detective license. It is possible to establish a detective office without having it. It is enough then to enter into a partnership with a person who can prove this type of license. In this case, a person without a license does not perform typical detective activities, but only conducts business and activities related to its conduct, such as keeping an eye on accounting documents, signing contracts, or similar matters. All kinds of formalities related to starting a business of this type are the same as in the case of any other activity.

It should be entered in the entry in the CEiDG or KRS records, depending on the legal form of the business, as well as meet all the conditions related to entering the enterprise into VAT. When running a detective office, the form of taxation can only be settled on general principles, where you can choose between two options of linear taxation or taxation according to the tax scale. Identical provisions also apply to detective offices when it comes to paying ZUS contributions.