How to prepare for an office move? Running your own business is a real challenge. The office for employees must be in the appropriate location. What to do when it turns out to be in the wrong place? Then the best solution turns out to be moving offices. In this article, we explain how to prepare for your office move . We invite you to read! 


Office relocation – how to prepare for it?

Are you planning to move your company’s seat? Do you want to change the office for employees to a larger and more comfortable one? Do you have a lot of equipment to transport, such as documents, computers and many other necessary items? Some may think that office relocations are a very difficult task to complete. The number of activities to be performed and items to be transported will certainly be considerable. During the move, you will have to take care of all transported items that are work tools for employed workers.

The larger the office space, the more difficult it will be to move. The equipment of a single office includes, of course, a cupboard, desk, armchair, computer, telephone, printer and some other decor elements. Some of these items, such as a computer or telephone, can be easily transported to a new office on our own. However, it can be difficult to transport large furniture on your own that it is difficult to find a company to move offices it will then be a necessity. Of course, the smallest furniture, such as an armchair or a desk, can be disassembled, but what to do with the rest of the furniture in the office? In addition, disassembling and reassembling the equipment is time-consuming, and if we care about time, employing a professional removals company will definitely be a bull’s eye.

Top tips for people planning an office move

Anyone who wants to move the office in the near future at must plan all activities properly. We recommend that you make a list of all items owned by the company. You have to count them and weigh them. It is also worth remembering to set the exact date of the move. The best date for such an operation will be the weekend – during this time the company is not working, so it will not lose customers due to the relocation of the company’s seat. If the company employs employees, they should also be informed in advance about the planned move.

Thanks to this, they will have time to secure their private items. The sooner we inform employees about the office move, the better. They will have time to find out about the relocation plan and get information about the new job. For many of them, it may also be associated with longer journeys to work, so the decision to move the company’s seat is best consulted with employees.

How to organize an office move?

Preparation of the move can be entrusted to one person or a group of people. One person should make an inventory of the entire office equipment and decide which items will be transported to the new headquarters of the company. When moving an office, many companies also decide to radically change the decor, so some valuable items can be sold, for example.

In most cases, organizing the entire office move on your own turns out to be an impossible task. The exception is, of course, when the company has its own vans. Even among companies that have such vehicles, a large number of companies resign from taking items from the office on their own. This is due to the fact that the equipment owned by the company is expensive. Inexperienced people may inadvertently destroy them, which will be associated with many unnecessary costs for the enterprise. In turn, when we commission the office relocation a professional company, then we will be sure that all transported items will be properly secured. If they are damaged, we will also receive compensation, which will be adequate to the amount of damage we have suffered.

When we have ordered a transport company, it is time to pack and properly secure all the valuable items belonging to the company. For this purpose, it is worth getting cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and adhesive tape. At the beginning, we take all documents collected in the company out of cabinets and drawers. We hide office accessories in previously prepared cardboard boxes. Company documentation must be under constant control so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. The furniture can be disassembled or fully covered with foil depending on the size of the ordered delivery vehicle. All valuable items such as printers, computers and laptops must be handled with care and then carefully placed in cardboard boxes. We sign the cartons so that you know what’s in them.