Is buying roller shutters a good idea? Roller blinds are an alternative to curtains and curtains that are used in many homes. Performing the same function, they are chosen by people who want to renew their apartment or make changes to their home. Are blinds really that great and worth choosing?

Roller blinds over the centuries

The existence of roller shutters is assumed several hundred years ago, although their appearance differed from today’s products available on the market. However, their function did not change over time. Today’s blinds are still designed to protect against sunlight and uninvited guests, and at the same time be comfortable and comfortable to use.

Why is it worth choosing roller blinds?

Roller shutters have a wide range of advantages depending on the type and color they are in. They often win in the fight against traditional curtains and net curtains. Among the most popular and the slightly less known advantages of having roller shutters are:

  • Optical enlargement of the room – the blinds are mounted directly on the window frame, so they only cover the glass. The walls surrounding the window as well as the sill are visible. After uncovering the blinds, the amount of space they occupy does not increase. Thanks to this, they do not cover other walls that optically reduce the area of ​​the room. Choosing a light color will further enhance this effect.
  • Easy to install – today’s blinds require mounting them to the opening part of the window with special clamps. In addition, they have an adhesive layer that prevents the roller shutter structure from moving and accidentally falling. At the same time, the glue is not so weak that there is no problem with disassembly in the case of a later renovation or rearrangement of the room. Everything happens only around the window frame. It is not necessary, as in the case of curtains or curtains, to drill the walls or ceiling to mount the curtain rod and hang the curtains on them.
  • Easy to use – operated with a ball string which, when pulled in the right direction, reveals or covers the blind. At the same time, it remains in the same place so that the roller blind does not fall down or rise by itself. Some electric roller shutters have the option of remote control. It is not necessary to approach the window in order to reveal / cover it.
  • Takes up little space – blinds take up little space. When folded, they are shaped like a long but thin tube and are easier to hide and reuse later. Their width usually corresponds to the width of the glass +/- about 2.5 cm on each side.
  • Easy to buy – you can buy roller shutters in many online stores as well as in supermarkets and shopping centers.
  • Variety – roller shutters are produced in a wide range of colors and sizes. It is up to the buyer to choose the color and size the customer chooses.
  • Functionality – transparent and light materials will cover the windows, but will not block the sun from fully entering the rooms. Thicker fabrics in darker colors will stop the sun’s rays from entering the room and allow you to nap in a darkened place even in the middle of the day. Roller blinds made of gummed material combine almost 100% darkening with the use of light colors. In addition, the shaded ones prevent unpleasant heating of the rooms.
  • Cleaning – Roller shutters, unless they are heavily soiled, just wipe with a dry cloth or vacuum them on the lowest suction power. This will remove any dust that has settled on them. In the case of a plan, wash the places with a wet sponge with a mild detergent, for example dishwashing liquid, being careful not to wipe the color off the blinds. If there is a concern that the material will discolor, it is a good idea to check the material in advance on a place that is not visible on a daily basis.

Types of blinds

Roller shutters come in many types. The most popular of them are:

Day and night

The blinds are made of alternating stripes of transparent and blackout material. With proper regulation, they will allow you to completely cover the window or let sunlight in.


Roman blinds can be described as 2 in 1. Handled like ordinary blinds, they look like curtains. When folded, they create waves and decorate the windows.


Roman blinds

Traditional blinds

Fabric on a roll operated with a string. It is enough to pull it one way or the other to cover / reveal the window. They are often sold with guides. Thanks to them, the material is always in the same place, and opening the window does not make the blind “run away”. This allows them to be used on roof windows.

Pleated blinds

They look like harmonica. Adapted to any shape of windows. It is possible to roll up / down from top to bottom and vice versa.

Roller shutters are not a new invention, but they have grown in popularity in recent times. Their purchase will bring a lot of benefits and will allow for great freedom in arranging a room or flat. Their functionality and variety will certainly not cause the buyer any problems. The choice of blinds is a bull’s eye in every respect.