Buying a gaming computer carefully – a handful of tips. When buying a gaming computer there are many things to consider. It is usually an expensive purchase, and by buying it, we want it to serve us as long as possible. So let’s take the time to properly select all parts and components, or if we decide to buy a ready-made product – to choose the model best suited to our needs. The first thing we need to do before we start looking for the individual components is to analyze our needs. We need to consider what kind of computer games we are going to play and check their hardware requirements. Of course, we also need to determine the amount we are able to spend on a computer, and take into account additional costs, such as shipping, computer assembly and accessories.

A desktop computer or a laptop for a gamer ?

The first thing to think about is whether a desktop computer or a laptop will be better for our needs. The advantage of the latter is that we can take it with us on a trip, so it works well if, for example, we spend a lot of time traveling or move frequently. The laptop is also chosen by people who appreciate the fact that they can take their laptop to bed with them and play in a position that is comfortable for them. However, we advise against purchasing a gaming laptop unless circumstances compel us to do so. Such computers are usually much more expensive, and the possibilities of buying new parts and replacing them are limited. Compared to laptops used for work, they are also usually much heavier and not as handy as it seems. So it is best to invest in a good desktop computer that will allow us to create a comfortable base. Over time, we will be able to expand it and be able to install newer and newer games.

Individual components – processor and graphics card

There is one very important thing to keep in mind when choosing individual components, such as CPU and graphics card. It is obvious that the more efficient a particular part and the more power it has, the better overall. However, we must remember that the computer is an integrated device, and not necessarily the fact that we invest a lot of money in some part will make the whole thing work more efficiently. If the parts do not fit together, they will prevent each other from fully developing their capabilities. Even the best graphics card with a weak processor will not do much.

That is why it is good to choose the components, taking into account how they will be integrated with each other. When it comes to choosing a graphics card, you should pay attention to such elements as memory, where, of course, the larger the better, the clock frequency of both the memory and the core, as well as whether the card has the ability to support multiple monitors simultaneously. It is worth looking for a graphics card among models aimed specifically at players, because there is the best chance that such a card will meet our expectations.

Computer case for the player

If we choose individual parts that will make up the inside of our computer, we have to take care of the appropriate construction. For gaming computers, we often need a large chassis, as high-power components are typically slightly larger than those used in lightweight computers designed for simple tasks. It is also worth paying attention to whether our enclosure has the appropriate level of sound attenuation, because high-power components can produce high-intensity noise. Such noise not only disturbs the fun of the game, but is also very tiring in the long run. The last very important thing about the case is efficient cooling. This should be especially taken care of if we like to spend a lot of time playing and if the games we choose require intensive work of the processor and graphics card.

Accessories for a gaming computer

In addition to the computer itself, which is the basis of our gaming equipment, you should not forget about the appropriate accessories, such as mice, pads, keyboards, headphones and speakers. Depending on what computer games we choose, we will need different accessories. For some games you need special types of pads or steering wheels, or more extensive or appropriately adapted keyboards. It’s also good to think about whether you want to play with headphones or speakers. If we live alone, loudspeakers will be the best solution because they are less tiring to the ears. However, if we share an apartment with others, it is good to think about buying good headphones. It is best to choose over-ear headphones, as opposed to in-ear headphones, which negatively affect our hearing after long use.