How long does website positioning take? Virtually every person who runs an Internet business is aware of the importance of good positioning and all other SEO activities. Thanks to them, you can significantly increase the interest in the website and make many more users visit it, which of course translates into profit for the company. Unfortunately, sometimes this process is extremely time-consuming. Why is this happening? How long does website positioning take? Is there a way to promote my site quickly? Some basic information on this can be found in the article below.

Search engine optimization – how does it work?

Google’s algorithm evaluates each website and selects a list of websites so that the user who entered a given phrase in the search engine receives the best possible result. The algorithm is not able to substantively assess the content, but using certain determinants, it classifies and evaluates various pages.

Positioning of websites and other SEO activities try to make a given website better rated and thus be high in the search engine results. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, because the principle of the algorithm’s operation is secret and constantly changing, so SEO agencies must constantly monitor their activities and improve the tools used for positioning.

How long does website positioning take?

How quickly you get good results depends on several key factors. Among the most important are:

  • industry in which the company operates: positioning of websites related to certain industries is extremely difficult. It also matters whether the company operates nationwide (or also abroad) or in one region or city.
  • history of positioned website: websites that previously were not trusted by the Google search engine are much more difficult to position, especially if they were a website considered, for example, as spam. These types of sites “regain” trust for a very long time, so it is worth considering whether a better solution would not be to create a new page at a different address or buy a trusted site that is no longer updated.
  • competition: unfortunately, the more popular the industry is, the more competition we can expect. If other companies providing similar services also use the help of specialists, it will be much more difficult to promote the website, especially if the key phrases are practically the same.
  • SEO strategy: There are different strategies that are oriented towards different goals. Some of them can get a website high in search results very quickly, but they will also quickly drop or lose trust. Other strategies are slower but produce a much more stable result. It all depends on what we actually want to achieve.
  • the experience of a positioning company: the agency itself, which deals with the positioning of our website, is also important . The better and more experienced the agency, the more certain the results will be , but also the greater the costs.

First results – when to expect them?

Assuming that a given company wants to professionally promote its website and build trust in it, both among users and the Google algorithm, it is necessary to count about six months to see the initial effects of positioners’ work. More or less after this period, easy phrases, i.e. keywords that are less popular, are placed in the “top 10”. The effects regarding the phrases from the average level can be expected after about nine months of intensive work (including activities on a positioned website).

Positioning of websites that use difficult phrases, i.e. the most popular in a given industry, takes even more time and depends on the activities of the competition. It can be assumed that it takes at least twelve months to obtain good and stable results in the case of difficult phrases. However, it is worth mentioning here that the positioning of pages related to very general phrases requires more than twelve months (this applies to phrases such as “fashionable shoes”, etc.). Of course, it is also worth remembering that if a given page has previously received a warning or a penalty, its positioning may take much more time and will be much more complicated.

Great result – what’s next?

If you managed to promote a given website and it is in the first results in the search engine, you must not rest on your laurels, but continue to do so. If you stop taking action, the site will drop in the ranking very quickly and you will have to start all over again. The competition and the Google algorithm itself hinder maintaining a stable position. Constantly changing and improving the algorithm can reduce the value of some pages, so it’s worth finding an agency with which you will work for many years.