Types of erotic lingerie. Erotic lingerie has many advantages, many of which are not fully aware of. Contrary to appearances, underwear for the evening is something more than an attribute whose task is to stimulate the partner and raise the temperature in the bedroom. It may not seem obvious, but the fact is that erotic lingerie improves both the well-being of the woman wearing it and increases her confidence. So why not make yourself such a gift? We present types of erotic lingerie, among which you will surely find something for yourself.

Something for lace fans

Lace lingerie is an absolute “must have” for lovers of erotic lingerie. Lace bra and panties add charm and delicacy to the woman, making them perfect for a romantic evening. As this type of underwear is very popular, you can choose between cuts and colors – more subtle white underwear, fiery red or sexy black underwear: there are practically an infinite number of them.

Lace bras are usually soft, although you can buy breast pads for them – then they look best with opaque bras. In addition, they surprise with the creativity of the cut, just like the panties; with a larger or smaller cut, thongs or briefs – some of them require a lot of boldness, but remember that it will be worth it!

Stockings, usually selected to match the color, are a frequent addition to lace underwear. No other accessory is so stimulating to the imagination, which won the admiration not only among ladies, but also gentlemen. Stockings are a frequent element of complete collections in which erotic lingerie is sold. Three-piece sets are very popular, although sometimes stockings are replaced by soft, translucent corsets.

Corsets not only for the bedroom

Erotic corsets are a real hit; They not only look great, but also optically slim the figure. Fortunately, however, they are extremely comfortable to wear, as they do not compress the waist, as in the case of traditional corsets.

Some cuts can be worn as a substitute for a shirt or blouse. While the translucent corsets that barely cover the nipples are suitable only for the bedroom, the “more modest” models are perfect for combination with trousers or a skirt – they are the perfect set, for example, for a party or a romantic dinner.

It is completely different with bolder corsets. These are usually very cut at the back, and are made of translucent material, leaving little to the imagination – some do not even cover the bust, which in this case is definitely an advantage.

Just like lace lingerie, corsets go perfectly with erotic stockings.

Bodystocking, a jumpsuit for the brave

… Although, unlike typical jumpsuits, the bodystocking task is not to cover the body. On the contrary. This erotic lingerie, extremely easily adaptable to the female body shape, usually made of tulle or delicate mesh or lace. Due to the emphasis on the figure, it is said that it is intended only for brave, self-confident women – but all women will undoubtedly present themselves phenomenally in bodystocking.

Characteristic elements of each bodystocking are long stockings, optically slimming the legs, as well as a cut at the crotch. The bust is also usually exposed – completely or covered only with translucent material. To diversify the bodystocking, lace, bows and other decorations are often used, which make the whole look even more attractive; similarly to wide slits (mainly on the back, abdomen or buttocks), often making a given model unique.

Bodystockings look perfect in combination with high heels!

Erotic costumes – a guarantee of fun

Thanks to themed costumes, boredom will never creep into your bedroom. What is so exciting as a sexy policewoman, a provocative fairy or a seductive maid? Costumes characterized by a given character, consisting of panties, a bra and various accessories (for example gloves or handcuffs) will be perfect not only for role play fans.

Beautiful for the eye and additions that add attractiveness are one of the elements of erotic costumes. In addition to the previously mentioned elements, you can often find all kinds of masks covering the face, cat’s or rabbit’s ears or even latex pants – usually with a slit that properly exposes the buttocks or crotch.

The best underwear for you

Some erotic lingerie can be more tight and exposing the body than others, so it is commonly called “brave” or intended for “bold women”. Nevertheless, in fact, any underwear is for you, as long as you like it and feel good in it. Remember that one of the main tasks of erotic lingerie is to increase the self-confidence of its owner – therefore, regardless of the type of figure, always decide to buy what you like first of all.