Employees from Ukraine – is it worth employing them? Employers are people who feel very well in the business reality and are enterprising, and therefore frugal. Otherwise, they would not stay afloat with their company, and instead of being employers, they would have to be hired themselves. Someone who knows what it is like to work for themselves and not for others will not willingly give up this freedom, so business owners want to continue and develop their business at all costs, not give it up.

Advantages and disadvantages of workers from Ukraine

Where to look for employees? From Ukraineor maybe from Poland? What are the advantages and disadvantages of employing people of certain citizenship? Are there any differences? All these questions keep many people awake at night when considering such a solution for their company. First, it may be worth considering the benefits of employing foreigners. A common view is that Ukrainians are ready to work hard, even for ridiculously low amounts. This is a stereotype that dates back many years, but unfortunately it still suits him to some extent. This is especially true for manual workers. However, if you are generally a manual worker, you still have to accept a salary lower than that of the bank president or secretary. This is the sad truth, but everyone chooses their profession, so you can’t blame anyone either. Coming to PolandUkrainian workers without a visa and without language skills should not expect to earn great money. Some people like it and do not complain, while others who want something more from life go even further abroad.

Employee problems

The further west, the bigger the payouts, it seems to everyone. This is not entirely true, because, for example, Spain is more to the west than Germany, and it is not considered a paradise on earth, compared to the country behind the Oder. Someone who can do well in Poland may be surprised by all those emigrating to Germany that they want to live there at all, but they do not care about life, but about money. Ukrainians coming to Poland are not always concerned with this. As you know, the situation in their country does not allow for a peaceful and happy life, because terrible things are still happening there.

Some have run out of patience and are fed up with waiting for things to change for the better. So they try to make a life in other countries. Poland is close and has a stable, though not necessarily great, economic situation, so it’s obvious where to find an employee from Ukraine , because he will appear as soon as the job offer is published. So it is beneficial for employers, because they do not have to apply for employees, pay employment agencies, or carry out expensive recruitment, although it would sometimes be beneficial if we want to hire the best person, not the first person willing.

Educated workers from Ukraine

Another aspect of employing our neighbors from beyond the eastern border is giving work to students who came here to study and stayed in our beautiful country. This is a different type of employee – educated, prepared for challenges other than manual work in a shop or a production plant. Young people from Ukraine come here for education, which fortunately in Poland is of a good standard, although this will probably change soon, if you take into account the dynamic and tragic situation of lower-level schools. However, at the moment both students and employees from Ukraine are wonderinghow to obtain the qualifications necessary to find a good job in Poland. Obtaining a higher education is certainly a good way to become a good investment for a potential employer.

This is because he gains a motivated and willing person who, in addition, certainly copes well with new situations, since she has managed to move her life to a foreign country and has achieved such success as graduating from university. In addition, after studying in Poland, the Ukrainian knows his language, as well as Polish, and he can also communicate in Russian and English. This is a great and advantageous offer for employers looking for polyglots, for example to contact a foreign client. Possibly, translation agencies and such entities also look for multilingual people and are often their target workers from Ukraine . How to hire such a person is a topic for a separate text, because it is regulated by various regulations and it is not that simple, but it is definitely worthwhile, taking into account the benefits.

However, in this solution there are also small inconveniences, such as additional formalities related to employing a citizen of another country. Everything is of course conceivable with the mind, but it is an extra effort that discourages some. Nevertheless, those who undertook it probably do not regret it. It is a good investment in the future of your company and allowing some nice and friendly person to make a career in Poland.