What’s the best way to scrap an old car?

What’s the best way to scrap an old car? In the old days, almost every car in our country was an item that could still be repaired. However, after the market was flooded with third-hand copies, worn out and out of order, scrapping them became something natural. The purchase of cars in Szczecin , a company that provides professional vehicle dismantling services, helps in getting rid of the problem . Going to such a place guarantees the possibility of receiving an appropriate certificate and a small amount of cash, which will be the equivalent for the item left behind.

Deregistering the car

An unwanted car cannot be disposed of in an uncontrolled manner. The possibilities in this regard are regulated by the Road Traffic Act, prepared and approved by the Parliament on June 20, 1997. In order to be able to legally deregister a car and stop paying its civil liability insurance, certain circumstances must take place, e.g. theft or cassation abroad. If it is simply old, incomplete, out of order and there is no possibility or willingness to sell it to individual hands on the owner’s side, then you should go to a specialist company that offers scrapping cars . In these places you can look for help in the deregistration process and obtaining relevant documents for the current owner of the machine.

Dismantling into parts

Companies that have a permit from the voivodeship marshal (which is a confirmation of the legality of activities) and a number of other certificates operate in two ways. Some of them collect wrecks in a larger space, making them available to people looking for specific items. Disassembly takes place then on the part of the consumer or on his special order. Places of this type are very often referred to as “szrotów”. Running them is less profitable from year to year due to strong competition among companies offering already dismantled parts or new Chinese replacements for expensive originals. The tradition of home workshops is also fading – most car owners prefer to leave the machine to a mechanic because the repair requires too much skill and many tools, including computer tools.

The second way is to automatically disassemble each machine. After purchasing a car, buying a car starts the process of its demolition, recovering working parts or regenerating some of them. This is a very beneficial effect from the ecological point of view, because some of the elements can be reused in cars that require repair. Everything else in the form of used fluids, unnecessary plastics, corroded sheet metal and other components is segregated and disposed of in specialized plants.

Official matters

Purchase of cars upon receipt of the machine, issues a set of certificates of cancellation of the registration certificate, plates and vehicle card. One copy remains with the company, and two are delivered to the customer. Within thirty days, it is necessary to go with them to the communication department. An application for deregistration of the car is filled in there and returned to the clerk. Only after this operation, all the formalities related to scrapping are completed. Of course, it is also worth remembering to inform the insurer about the whole fact so that he does not charge the third party liability premium for the next period. Previously paid insurance is not refundable.

How much can you get for scrapping?

There are cases in which the owner has to pay for the return of the car. It happens when the weight loss of the machine exceeds 10%. The disassembly station cannot charge more than PLN 10 for each missing kilogram.

If everything is complete, then depending on the total weight, the rates range from 300 to 500 zlotys per copy. It is not a lot, but if you can get rid of the problem with your old car right away, it is a fair price. It is slightly better not to buy cars for scrapping , but those operating in a traditional way. In this case, a classic contract is concluded between the parties, in which there is no question of deregistering the vehicle. However, the machine must qualify for typical sales activities on the market, which is defined by the car buying agent . If the review is negative, scrapping is the only option.

Owning a very old car with no collector value and with little value for parts becomes a significant hassle for the owner. Most often it is a machine that is worn out to the limit, unable to drive and pass technical tests. If the repair significantly exceeds the real market value, which can often be observed, for example, when a complete engine overhaul is required, then scrapping such a copy is the only rational option. Purchase of Stargard cars it is a good solution in this case, because a legally operating company, having all the necessary permits, can easily issue documentation that allows the vehicle to be deregistered. The earnings on the car are symbolic, but getting rid of the problem is extremely valuable. By allocating a machine for disassembly, there is also a high probability that we contribute to environmental activities that have a positive impact on the quality of life on our planet.

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