Mobile hairdresser how to set up? If you are a hairdresser who is tired of working in a salon and want to work for yourself, then mobile hairdressing can be a good way to start your own business without having to own your own premises. The mobile hairdresser effectively goes to his clients and cuts, dyes or styles their hair. This can be a simple routine cut and styling, or it can be for special occasions such as styling hair for weddings, proms and other events where the client wouldn’t want to make a trip to the salon.

Preparation to work 

The first thing you will need to start your mobile hairdressing business is of course the right tools. You will need salon-quality hairdressing equipment, including scissors and combs, professional-grade hair dryers, straighteners and curlers, and bleach-resistant salon towels. Invest in the tools you need and really get to know them so you can get fantastic results without feeling like you’re experimenting! If you want to offer things like dyeing then you will also need to find a good supplier of these types of chemicals. Of course, in addition to having all your tools, you’ll need a professional-looking suitcase to bring them to clients, as well as your own car. Perhaps it is possible to run a business as a mobile hairdresser without a car.

When you first start out, you need to get your first few customers to get your business going. Set up your social media profile and create flyers to advertise your business. Print business cards and give some to friends who may be willing to pass them on to other people they know. During this period, set up a calendar using an application or some software, thanks to which you can instantly book appointments for your new clients. You should already have a price list, so you can respond to any inquiries quickly and professionally.

Organization of time and work

Time management is one of the most important skills of a mobile hairdresser – and one of the hardest to master when your clients are scattered all over the city and on top of that you are battling with huge traffic jams, school trips and speed cameras. The key is to allow enough time for appointments. Then you can be sure that you will not be late and you will not disappoint your customers. Keeping in mind that your customers are your most important asset, you must get into the habit of doing everything in your power to keep your business going. How will you know you are losing customers? You need to maintain some kind of database so that you can review it regularly and see who is currently booking appointments and who is out of circulation.

A simple spreadsheet is all that is needed. Create columns with the names and addresses of your customers – update your spreadsheet once a week. Check if your customers make regular appointments. Never forget about your former clients. They are much more valuable to you than you realize. Recovering them can be much cheaper than acquiring new customers to replace them through expensive advertising or promotions. Your previous clients have tried you, know you and know that you are professional and qualified. Regardless of the reasons for their departure, there is a chance that you will be able to get them back.

All pros and cons

Evaluate your own motivations and capabilities and discover if self-employment is for you. Learn the pros and cons of running your own business before you decide to start it. Learn about the tax and legal implications of self-employment and learn all about planning. Who is your competition? What will your company be called? Answer all these questions and create a business plan that will serve as your guide – or as a way to gain valuable investments. Use all available tools to build a business base. Advertising, testimonials, flyers, discounts, posters and special offers – learn how to use them to attract customers from many sources. Consider building a website and observe which form of advertising works best. Always keep your customers happy. Find out why why hairdressers lose customers and learn how to avoid common pitfalls. Become an expert in customer service thanks to questionnaires, newsletters.

Be prepared for difficult situations and learn to deal with them calmly and confidently. Learn how to keep records, manage your banking and prepare your accounts. With sample forms and spreadsheets, get your business up and running in no time. Don’t go crazy! Get ready to grow your business with ideas to increase revenue without increasing your workload. The work of a mobile hairdresser gives a lot of satisfaction from running your own business.