Which wedding tent to choose? More and more couples decide to prepare their wedding outdoors. So giving up restaurants and hotels. This is mainly due to favorable weather conditions in spring and summer. Renting a tent for a wedding can be a great proposition for future brides, especially if they appreciate beautiful views. It’s also a lucrative proposition that won’t last long.

What is a wedding tent made of?

Their main element is a steel structure, which is very stable and durable. For an object of this size, the quality of the steel is very important. Building manufacturers use the highest quality lightweight components, including steel trusses. These structures are also protected against corrosion by powder coating or hot-dip galvanizing. In addition, tarpaulins have been placed on the facility, thanks to which the wedding guests and the bride and groom do not have to worry about the deteriorating weather. Event tent rentals are also a great proposition for restaurateurs, because they can be easily dismantled and moved to a convenient place.

Companies can only rent tents themselves or rent additional elements with them. Hiring heaters can be especially helpful when weddings are held in the fall or winter. It is possible to rent gas, electric or oil heaters. The company also allows you to rent a table or rent a chair.

What to look for when deciding to rent a tent?

Standards and certificates

It is important that the tent has the required certificates regarding the materials it is made of. It must be waterproof and non-flammable to ensure the safety of visitors and not pose a threat. So it should be M2 certified. In addition, the tent rental company should provide proof that the product complies with the BVCTS outdoor structure safety standard. The construction of the tent must be stable even in unfavorable weather conditions, such as strong wind, rain and snow. This is possible if it is made of a high-quality frame and additionally reinforced with weights. A good proposition is a solution made of the same durable PVC material.

Practicality and comfort

Wedding reception organizers primarily deal with structures that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. The place where the tent ends must be open to other visitors. That is why it is worth choosing a company that uses modern solutions, such as a system that supports easy folding and unfolding. It is better to opt for the services of a company that will also take care of its installation.


The appearance of the tent is also important, preferably white. Event tents come in various configurations. Some structures have panoramic roofs, others have no power. Additionally, they can have solid walls, curtain walls or gaps. When it comes to wedding receptions, curtain walls work especially well in nice weather. White tents can be decorated with plants and lamps, and curtains and openings will emphasize the romantic atmosphere.

What are the advantages of this construction?

Wedding tents have many advantages, first of all, you don’t have to wait long for the ceremony, we have a huge selection of locations. Sometimes you have to wait even several years for a restaurant lobby. Wedding tents allow you to significantly shorten the waiting time, while we choose the best place for us. Wedding marquees can be set up in a beautiful location to give your guests a perfect view. Appropriate infrastructure is also important, often such structures are placed close to a place where adequate backup facilities are available. In addition, the wedding tent has a versatile look and can be decorated to your taste. It can be modern, classic, original or romantic and blends perfectly with the surrounding nature.

How much does it cost to rent a tent?

Tent rentals are priced individually, so a lot depends on the couple’s requirements. The size, shape and quality of the tent can affect the rental cost. It is also not without significance whether the rental concerns only tents or other items. The cost of renting a tent ranges from PLN 300 to PLN 2,000 per day and does not include the floor. So you should add the cost of the floor, which can be made of flashing, wood or carpet. Of course, the most expensive option is wood.

What else should you remember?

Of course, the best time for a wedding is summer when the weather is nice outside. However, this does not mean that the wedding cannot be prepared at a different time. When deciding to rent a tent, we can raise the walls of the structure or install air conditioners in hot weather. However, if it’s cold, you can rent heaters.