Why is it worth investing in silver jewelry? Some people consider silver jewelry to be expensive and elegant, but there are supporters of gold who criticize this raw material, claiming that it is not noble enough. Such an opinion is wrong, and silver jewelry is also worth buying. In most cases, the fineness of silver used for jewelry is 925. It is an alloy of silver and another metal, most often copper in the proportions of 92.5 to 7.5.

Due to the high purity, it can be seen that silver is much more attractive than gold, if we talk about the amount of ore. Many people say that silver is a cheap alternative to gold trinkets. This is also wrong thinking. Silver has always been associated with wealth, and the proof of this can be the saying “silver spoon”. Currently, silver on the stock market is not very expensive, but this is a good time to buy it. The ore from low seams is already running out and its price will soon increase, considering the costs of extraction or the fact that it is used in dozens of segments of the economy.

Silver is used to create elaborate jewelry. Using this ore, it is easy to give it a timeless and fashionable look. Current designers often use it because of its beauty, durability or plasticity. Regardless of whether we want to wear jewelry every day or we are looking for something for a special occasion, it is worth choosing silver. Here are some reasons that will convince you to do so.


Silver jewelry made by specialists will last for centuries. Women who like this ore can confirm that with proper care of their trinkets, they will retain their appearance for many years. Some of them may even become family heirlooms. Jewelry made of 925 silver will always be characterized by durability and quality.

Fashion jewelry

Every woman wants to be fashionable, follow any trends that change instantly. That is why it is worth betting on silver jewelry. She’s always on top. Design changes do not matter, no matter what fashion will prevail at the moment, silver will always be well received. Silver ornaments guarantee that every lady will look beautiful and fashionable.


Silver is an extremely soft and malleable material. Therefore, creating different patterns or experimenting with it comes easily to jewelers. Therefore, from time to time we will meet new proposals from the best designers. A large selection of styles and patterns makes the choice much easier. Or maybe it makes it more difficult, but it ensures that every lady will choose something for herself. Regardless of whether we are going to choose a ring, bracelet, earrings or pendant, everyone will find the right jewelry. Sometimes it’s worth letting your imagination run wild and opting for something modern. Classic models are extremely beautiful, but a bit of freshness in our box full of trinkets will add a breath of freshness.

Ease of building a collection

Due to the variety of the collection, it is much easier to build your own and improve it. The fact that silver goes well with any other material means that we don’t have to worry about whether something will fit. Silver jewelry should also be the first choice when you want to buy high-quality trinkets in a unique style. Designers outdo each other in new patterns in which they use precious stones in a creative way. A huge plus of silver is that it is popular both for us, consumers and designers, which makes both parties happy.


Silver jewelry is a great gift for any occasion. A family meeting, a business meeting or a party with friends? No problem, silver will be perfect. Why? Such jewelry always adds elegance to every lady. Another great advantage is the ability to combine it with all metals. White gold or platinum and silver? This is a great choice, together they will create an interesting combination.


925 silver jewelry does not irritate the skin. In this sample, we will not find any admixtures that may cause allergies. Some people are allergic to copper or nickel, in which case it is worth choosing silver, which will not cause problems. This is very important for earrings. Wearing silver is completely safe, we don’t have to worry about infection in the holes. Another advantage of silver is its antibacterial and disinfecting effect. Wearing silver does not cause any health problems.

Easy to maintain

Many women do not choose silver jewelry because of how it looks after some time. The reason for this may be cosmetics, atmospheric factors or sweat. However, this is not a problem. Cleaning your jewelry will make it regain its former splendour. The price of the solution with which we can do it is only PLN 20, and the effect will be satisfactory. Just dipping jewelry in it will make a big difference. After taking it out, rinsing it with cool water and wiping it off, our eyes won’t be able to believe what they see. Your jewelry will be brand new!