How much do colored tattoos cost? A tattoo often has a specific meaning for its owner. It is then a symbol that has a clearly defined message. For others, it remains only a decoration of the body, which has an aesthetic function. Regardless of the motivation that drives us when getting a tattoo, one of the most important factors when choosing a tattoo is usually the cost of the tattoo. It can range from several hundred to even several thousand zlotys. What affects the price of a tattoo? Certainly, the best tattoo artists have higher prices, but their skill is only one of many factors. 

What affects the cost of the service?

Tattoo prices vary greatly. What affects them? First, the size of the pattern. Second, the work that needs to be put in to get it done. The type of ink used as well as its amount are also important. Therefore, colored tattoos are more expensive because several colored dyes must be used to make them. The price increases in direct proportion to the number of colors. The reputation of the tattoo studio as well as the tattoo artist himself also has an impact. When choosing a good tattoo artist who gains positive opinions in the industry, you should take into account the cost of up to PLN 1200-2000 for a day-long session. The location of the salon also matters. However, the price should also translate into the quality of workmanship. The pattern stays with us for life. Therefore, it is recommended to check their portfolio before choosing a tattoo artist. Sometimes an artist can be really good but the technique of his drawings may not suit us. It is also worth checking the opinion about the studio. You can then make an appointment and discuss the tattoo plan as well as its cost.

How much does a tattoo design cost?

In his work, the tattoo artist has direct contact with the client. With each of them, he discusses the tattoo design, possible changes, as well as working time. Is the consultation extra paid? Most often it is included in the price of the tattoo. However, it is very difficult to give a price. It can be indicatively indicated that a tattoo can cost from 100 to 1000 zlotys. Are colored tattoos more expensive? A tattoo is a dream of many people. What stops them from performing it is not only the fear of a permanent body change, but also the high price of the service. The cost increases in the case of a colored pattern. But where do the costs come from? Let’s start with the fact that a good tattoo studio does not have a fixed price list, but only gives approximate costs. The final price depends on consultation with the client and discussion of the pattern. Voluminous, intricate designs will be more expensive. This does not mean, however, that small tattoos are very cheap. A small pattern on the wrist, e.g. a colorful bird, can cost up to several hundred zlotys.

However, saving on this service is not advisable. After all, health is the most important thing. Non-compliance with hygiene rules by the tattoo artist or poor quality ink can have serious consequences. In extreme cases, infections occur. It is also worth realizing that not every studio can make tattoo colors. Often they are specialists who deal only with colorful patterns. At the same time, it should be remembered that such a service – for many reasons – is more expensive than the classic black pattern. First of all, it requires more work and skill from the tattoo artist. Secondly, the use of more dyes also results in higher costs. The price can be even higher if the tattoo is not uniform, there is shading and toning of different shades of colors. In this situation, the final price may be as high as several thousand.

Renewal of colorful tattoos, i.e. further costs

Finishing tattooing is just one stage of work. However, this does not mean the end of spending. In order for the pattern to look splendid despite the passage of time, the color should be renewed regularly. How often to renew a tattoo? Two main factors contribute to this. First of all, the wound healing process. If the wound healed without problems, no scabs formed, the pattern will last longer. Individual factors are also important. Durability also has a strong relationship with where the tattoo was made. A small, colorful tattoo will be cheaper than an extensive black tattoo on the back. It is also worth knowing that the pattern on the wrist will last longer than the one on the feet or fingers, because the skin works intensively in these places. In these areas, the pattern should be refreshed even every year. This of course means additional costs. Often, refreshing the pattern costs the same what about making a new tattoo. This means that both the color and the place of the pattern matter. Especially that they have a significant impact on the final strike price.

To sum up, colorful patterns are very aesthetic and original at the same time. Therefore, they are of great interest. However, it is worth knowing that compared to black designs – they are more expensive. This is influenced by the price of the colored dye, the technique of execution, and the place of the tattoo. It is worth being aware of all these elements when we decide to make such a pattern. However, leaving the tattoo parlor is not the end of expenses. After about a year, you should go back there to refresh the pattern. It is not necessary, but the lack of it will certainly affect the appearance of the pattern.